Kenneth Mirkin

Relationship: Client

Project Date: March 2019

We hired Salles Interiors on the recommendation of our real estate broker to sell our beautiful, but disastrously messy three bedroom condo near Lincoln Center in Manhattan. We had already moved out, but there was so much junk left behind, it was impossible to consider listing it for sale as is. Jess and Amanda recommended using Junkluggers to get rid of the stuff (it took two full trucks!). Junkluggers were terrific. Then we were left with an empty, dirty, and depressing apartment. Jess and Amanda took care of the cleaning and painting before the staging. Fabulous job!! They prefer that you do not look at the apartment before the staging is finished, which was fine with us. The entire job from start of painting to finishing the staging took about a week and a half. I couldn't believe the apartment when I came in to look at it after the staging. Their sense of style is bright and cheerful, with everything clean and crisp. It looked straight out of a magazine. The current real estate market in Manhattan is weak, and we were prepared to possibly have the apartment on the market or months, like some units in our building. Our first open house was this past Sunday, and a couple from Ohio who had been looking for two years came to see the apartment and knew that it was "the one." To prevent a bidding war, the offered the full asking price and we accepted. They intend to rent out the apartment before they move to NY, and requested to leave it furnished, because they loved the staging so much (they'll work out the furniture rental through Amanda and Jess). So basically, the apartment was on the market for an hour before it found a buyer! It's impossible to know for sure what the apartment would have sold for had we shown it empty, but obviously the staging is what really sealed the deal. The apartment certainly would not have sold the first day on the market, and my guess is that the staging that added $150,000-$200,000 to the sales price ($3,395,000). Some of my friends thought I was nuts for spending so much to stage an apartment, but it's certainly the biggest and fastest return on an investment I have ever made. And I forgot to mention that Jess and Amanda are super nice, and fun to work with. I can't thank you enough for your great work!!