Joe Coleman

Relationship: Client

Project Date: March 2018

Recently, I assumed the task of managing the sale of my older sister's vacant apartment in Manhattan despite the fact that I reside several hundred miles west of New York City. So with the help of our excellent listing agents, I was introduced to Jessica and Amanda Salles of Salles Interiors Staging. An open and wide ranging discussion ensued with focus on our respective goals and the challenges I saw ahead. Based on those discussions, the Salles sisters proposed a comprehensive and detailed plan to bring their interior design expertise, project management skills and knowledge of current decorating fashions together to meet their primary goal of a superior end product. That is, a staging that provides interested buyers with a dramatic vision of what the apartment's major features could do for them. They also proposed to meet the challenge of my remote location with a commitment to frequent and timely cell phone and email communiques on the schedule, decision milestones, unexpected issues and completed steps in the project. Shortly after Salles Interiors finished "their magic", we had our first showings at an open house. Within three days we had multiple offers with the vast majority being over asking price. And comments like, "This is the most attractive property I've seen in my search" were frequent. We are now well on our way toward a successful closing.